JASANAS Volume 5

Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies

Volume 5

  • Globalization: A Key Factor in Contemporary Religious Change
  • Liselotte Frisk
  • New Age in South Korea
  • Hai-Ran Woo
  • Jew Age: Jewish Praxis in Israeli New Age Discourse
  • Marianna Ruah-Midbar & Adam Klin Oron
  • Norwegian New Age: Alternativt Nettverk and Holistisk Forbund
  • Georg Rønnevig
  • Spirituality and the Spiritual in Japan: Translation and Transformation
  • Norichika Horie
  • Global and local in studies on New Age: some remarks of a Polish scholar
  • Dorota Hall


  • Alternative Spiritualities, the New Age and New Religious Movements in Ireland:
  • Interdisciplinary conference at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth, 30-31 October 2009
  • Peter Mulholland


  • "Una Nueva Forma de Vida": Seeking "New Spiritualities" in Urban Mexico - A Note on Research in Progress
  • Andrea Maldonado
  • Rosaleen Norton's Contribution to the Western Esoteric Tradition
  • Nevill Drury


  • Contemporary Religious Satanism: A Critical Anthology
  • Jesper Aagaard Petersen ed, reviewed by Nevill Drury
  • Alien Worlds: Social and Religious Dimensions of Extraterrestrial Contact
  • Diane G Tumminia, ed, reviewed by Salvador Jimenez Murguia