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Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies

The Journal of Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies publishes scholarly articles on alternative spiritualities and New Age studies. The first issue published papers from an international conference, ASANAS, hosted by the Open University and supported by the British Academy. The Journal is multi-disciplinary, initially appearing annually, and now published to an ad hoc schedule. JASANAS was an early adopter of open access and print-on-demand publishing. Online previews of many papers are available here and on Amazon, with paperback copies also via other online retailers.


ISSN (print) 1750-3191; ISSN (online) 1750-3205

  • JASANAS Volume 6, forthcoming - CALL FOR PAPERS - special issue on alternative states of consciousness - email
  • JASANAS Volume 5, 2009-11, special issue on New Age in global contexts
  • JASANAS Volume 4, 2008, surveys alternative spiritualities in Eastern Europe; a Polish language edition was published by Nomos (2008)
  • JASANAS Volume 3, 2007, challenges orthodoxies in New Age studies
  • JASANAS Volume 2, 2006, includes papers from the 2003 and 2004 ASANAS conferences
  • JASANAS Volume 1, 2005, inaugural issue with keynote papers from the first ASANAS conference


  • ASANAS 2003: international conference hosted by the Open University in Milton Keynes, England. The conference was supported by a grant from the British Academy
  • ASANAS 2004: "ASANAS goes mainstream?" was hosted by the University of Wolverhampton, England, 21 May 2004
  • IAHR 2005: some JASANAS papers were first presented to the 19th World Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, Tokyo, Japan, 24-30 March 2005
  • BASR 2007: JASANAS facilitated the two opening panels at the annual conference of the British Association for the Study of Religion in Edinburgh, Scotland, 3-6 September 2007
  • Szeged 2008: New Expressions of Spirituality conference hosted by the University of Szeged, University of Szeged, Hungary, 7-8 November 2008

An Israeli Conference for the Study of Contemporary Religion and Spirituality has been held annually, at the University of Haifa, 2009-12 and at Tel Aviv University from 2013. No further ASANAS conferences are currently scheduled.


The Alternative Spiritualities and New Age Studies Association (ASANASA) grew out of a private mailing list founded in 2001, ScholarsOfNewAge. The ScholarsOfNewAge discussion list is for serious scholars of New Age, including (but not limited to) sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, philosophers, historians and psychologists.

SONA has a moderated membership of over 150 New Age scholars from around the world. To join the discussion group, email the with a note of your academic affiliation, your interest in New Age and any published papers on New Age.

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